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40 Mar '65 Hot 100
6 Mar '65 Adult Contemp


Mommy and dad Are never nervous or mad When you teenagers go downtown Daddy and mom just stay At home and keep calm And watch the late late show Uptown

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'Cause when you kids are gone We get to spend some time alone here That's our only chance to use The bathtub or the phone here When you're away Besides, we're stuck where we are Because you kids took our money You kids took our car And went downtown Where can you possibly, downtown It's twenty after three, downtown What do you mean by let's frug You don't come home till four a.m. 'Cause you're roaming in The streets somewhere downtown We would feel swell If only someone would tell us What goes on down there downtown But every time we ask you What you're doing after dark there You just say that you were Frugging to Petula Clark there That's what I mean So, kids, give your folks a break Because you're driving us crazy We sit here all night And take pills down Swallowing pills so we'll calm down Counting the hours you're downtown You and your frug and your slop Downtown, downtown... While we're lying there We try to watch the television Then you call us up and say You've had a slight collision There goes the car Beside that You've been arrested So we've gotta get up And we've gotta get dressed And go downtown Borrow a car and go downtown That's where you are You finks, downtown Wait'll I get you kids home There'll be no more frugging No swimming, no jerk No mashed potato, no slop And I'll tell you something else You're gonna stay home tomorrow night And your mother and I are going downtown And we're gonna dance the tango And the waltz and the foxtrot And we're going to do the bunny hop Those are nice dances And there'll be no more frugging Is that quite clear No more frugging


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