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by Hal Willis
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# Debut Chart
5 Oct '64 Country


Well I walk along the river with my new Swede Saw With a file in the pocket of my old mackanaw I'm a headed for the wood each morning at the break of day As I take a little short cut over the hill I can hear the whistle blow at the old saw mill It's the night gang a-leaving for the bunkhouse across the bay Chorus Well I'm a sitting on a tree stump eating Johnny cake I heard the whistle blow, I had to take a break I'm a boiling up my tea in an old tin can Cause that is the life of a Lumberjack Man I'm gonna cut me a jack pine tall and limber You'd better step aside when I holler timber My double bit axe is gonna make the big chips fly When the cut is clean, I'll set my wedge And drive it into place with a nine pound sledge I've already picked the spot where this big tree gonna lie

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Chorus The swamper's getting ready to take my load Skidding out my logs, and pile em on the road I'm a waiting for the jammer, to put them on the sleigh The boss man's a coming to scale my lumber I better make sure, that he's got the right number Before I let the logs go a rolling on their way


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