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57 Nov '64 Hot 100


After I hung up my Heart for you, darling And I said, if you ever need me All you had to do was call I stood up and I told the Whole wide world that You were good for me, baby Yes, then you laughed and You called me your personal clown In front of all your friends You walked away and you left me Standing up like a fool I couldn't even go to my Friends or my relations All I could do was stand up And hang my head in shame You see what you cost me You cost my mother The love of my father Sister, my brother too Oh, yes, you did You see now what you've caused And I know just what I lost And I know what the price I paid, I paid, I paid For loving someone like you Oh, I can hear my friends saying I told you (told you) I told you And I can hear my mother say Fool, I told you

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You see what you Oh, yes, you do You look back and You wonder sometimes And I see the price I payed I payed for loving someone Someone, someone, someone like you Baby, I don't care What the world might say I'm gonna love you any old way And although you let me down, baby My, my, my, deep down in my heart I feel for nobody else but you (Say what you want) And I don't care what my Mother and my father might say (Say what you like) And I don't care if the World talk about me, darling But, oh, sometimes, sometimes I just sit in my lonely room And I moan all to myself Why don't come back home Now holler to me, baby My, my, my, my, my baby....


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