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Lyrics by: John Wilkin
# Debut Chart
72 Nov '64 Hot 100


Gonna hop on the next jet as fast as I can now There's nothing going on in this town I'm gonna rock it tonight Gonna really get right I'm California bound, hmm-mmm-mmm California bound

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[CHORUS] Hmmmm, California Goin' to California Rockin' to California Gonna blow it out in California Oh yeah, California bound There's a cool little cutie That's waiting for me now I'm gonna see her today She's gonna treat me right Gonna love me every night Out in Californ-i-a Hmm-mmm-mmm Californ-i-a [repeat CHORUS] [BRIDGE] L.A., Pasadena, Frisco, Riverside, Pamona Laguna is a real cool town All the California chicks are waitin' for me And I'm California bound Hmmm-mmm-mmm California bound [repeat CHORUS] Woah woah yeah, California bound Woah woah yeah, California bound [FADE]


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