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1964 - R&B
Lyrics by: Thomas Coman, Sly Stone
# Debut Chart
56 Oct '64 Hot 100


Come on, all you swimmers I'll show you the way The number one dance in the USA The name of the dance you did before Now I'm back to swim some more Let's swim again You can do the swim With moves that zing San Francisco did it Made the whole town swing Let's swim again

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You can swim up close Just too much Look, dance But please don't touch Let's swim again Come on, all you people Dig the new groove Shake it up, baby Really move I did the shimmy shimmy Then I did the twist Now I do the swim And you spell it like this S-W-I-M Come on, baby, take a chance Losers drown and winners dance We're doing the S-W-I-M, whoa Come on, baby We're gonna swim again We're gonna do the backstroke We're gonna do the crawl We're gonna do the dog paddle We're gonna do 'em all My, my, my, my, my, my, my We're gonna do the freestyle It's outta sight.....


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