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# Debut Chart
89 Aug '64 Hot 100


When you are in love And you know this is true And there's no one else Around with you [CHORUS] Man you got to (squeeze her) You've gotta tease (tease her) You've got to tell her I love you (I love you) Darling, I love you

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When you're on the dance floor And working out Man, you gotta do more Than jump and shout Man, you gotta (please her) You've gotta (tease her) You've gotta tell her I love you! Well, I love you You know that nighttime is the right time When you're in love And its best when the moon is shinin' bright above And when push comes to shove And you're feeling good Remember little man What I told you to do When you're walkin' her home From a movie show You whisper in her ear And she says no [repeat CHORUS] I love you I love you I love you [FADE]


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