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# Debut Chart
58 Jul '64 Hot 100


I'm so happy to be here tonight So glad to be in This wonderful city And I have a Little message for you That I wanna tell every Woman and every man tonight

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Tell em they need someone to love That's ever had somebody to love Who's ever had somebody To understand them Who's ever had someone who Needs their love all the time Someone who's with them When they're up Somebody who's with them When they're down If you have yourself somebody like this You better hold on to them Cause let me tell you something Sometimes, you get what you want And you lose what you had There's a song I sing And I believe if everybody was To sing the song, you'd Say the whole words Listen to me Everybody needs somebody Everybody wants somebody to love Honey to love Sugar to kiss Baby to miss now Baby to tease Sometime, to please And I need you, you, you And I need you, you, you In the morning, baby (You, you, you) When the sun go down (You, you, you) Ain't nobody around, Sugar (You, you, you) Sometimes I feel I feel a little sad inside My baby mistreats me And I get, get, get A little mad But I need you (You, you, you) Just to see me through (You, you, you) Somebody to hold my hand (You, you, you) When I feel a little lonely But, oh, lemme hear you say yeah Everybody, clap their hands Let me hear you say yeah I just want one woman to Stand up tonight and Say I love you I just wanna hear you Say I love you Say I love you.....


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