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Lyrics by: Lor Crane, Bernice Ross
# Debut Chart
84 Jun '64 Hot 100


(So near and yet so far) [CHORUS] A little toy balloon Was floating in the breeze Just as hard to reach as a star A little toy balloon Reminding me of you So near and yet so far

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You're the only girl I've dreamed of Ever since I moved next door Even though you've never noticed Every day I love you more and more No one's had the heart to tell me I've been reaching for the moon Just the way a child reaches up for the string High to his little toy balloon [repeat CHORUS] How it hurt me when I found you Kissing someone else goodnight Wishing it was me who held you Knowing I would never have the right You were his before I saw you So I go my lonely way Feeling like a child who's heartbroken too When his toy balloon sailed away [repeat CHORUS]


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