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Lyrics by: Bill Dobslaw
# Debut Chart
93 May '64 Hot 100


[CHORUS] I got a baby that I call my little Donna Well, she knows just what I want-ah She's got a shape that's really keen-ah And she comes from Pasadena Oh well I love my little Donna Pretty little girl of mine I have no problem with other guys They seem to know that little Donna's mine And ?????? Santa Barbara shore I feel our love would be forevermore We love to go on to the palisades And ???? river ???? surfers waves And as we listen to the melody I really know that she's the girl for me

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[repeat CHORUS] Well we were driving out of Riviera And we went up to the sierras Where the ??? flowers smell so fine And Donna said she was forever mine One starry night we were ??? oceanside And I asked Donna if she'd be my bride I said ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ??? And I would love her till the final day [repeat CHORUS] Pretty little girl of mine Pretty little girl of mine


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