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92 Mar '64 Hot 100


Oh, will you let me have all Of your loving and affection, yeah Will you give me your heart And leave it under my protection, yeah If you will, I want you to be my wife If you will, I'll love you For the rest of my life Hand it over, hand it over, yeah Hand it over and I'll hand My love to you, yeah

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Give it to me now, honey Please don't wait until tomorrow, no Give it to me now Putting it off would only Bring me sorrow, yeah Say you need my arms Around you every night Baby, please tell me Everything is all right Hand it over, baby, hand it on over I beg you to hand it on over And I'll hand my love to you I would give you everything If you would only say yes I would try to borrow Spring If you'd only admit your happiness Let me know where I stand Tell me that you really want me, yeah It would be a happy man If you would really love me sincerely Come on, baby And give me a kiss Come on, baby That's just what I miss Hand it over I need you to just hand it over I want it right now So hand it over and I'll Hand my love to you Come on and hand it over I need it right now Come on, baby, hand it over I need it right.....


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