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97 Feb '64 Hot 100


[REFRAIN] Willyam, Willyam When we gonna marry? You been ????ing much too long Shall I run right home and tell my ???, boy Shall I run right home and tell my pa?

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[repeat REFRAIN] Are you just a turkey in the straw, boy? Do you wanna have a ???? at all? [VERSE 1] You better run back home You better run back Because her papa has got a gun Willyam, Willyam ???????????????? He'll be available any time Got my wedding dress ????, boy Can buy the ring some other time [VERSE 2] [varies slightly from Verse 1] You better run, boy You better run Because her pop has got a gun Remember all those nights beneath the apple tree And all those promises you made to me Well my mama ???? baby ???? behind the still??? If we don't marry you can make your will [repeat VERSE 1] Willyam, Willyam What do you say? Better get married some time today Better hurry up and come around boy It was the ???? go downtown [repeat VERSE 2 x3]


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