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# Debut Chart
91 Jan '64 Hot 100


Ask me "Do I love ya" Ask me if I plan to say yes Come on and ask me I've gotta say yes Oh yeah I've been waiting A long, long time I've got to know What's on your mind

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Come on and Aww shucks I'll say yeah, yeah, yeah ??????? I said I'd say yeah Oh, come on and ask me I'll gladly say yeah Yeahhhh I've been waiting A long, long time I got to know Will you be mine Come on baby Aww shucks Say yeah yeah yeah [BRIDGE] Ahhhhh I said well now Well now you Rush me to the preacher? See just what I do Will you ask me if I Watch your back Keep you company And satisfied I'd say yeah Oh, yeah I do I'd say yeah, yeah yeah I'll gladly say yeah Come on, I'd say yeah You need me I'd say yeah One more time [FADE]


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