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1964 - R&B
# Debut Chart
40 Jun '64 Hot 100


[CHORUS] Lazy, lazy Elsie Molly Put the pack back on your back Lazy, lazy Elsie Molly Carry it on down To the railroad track There's a girl down By the railroad tracks Used to carry coal on her back Till she met that gentleman Jack That lazy Elsie Molly [repeat CHORUS] Elsie Molly's been looking so fine She won't go to work in the mine She lays in bed 'til eight or nine That Lazy Elsie Molly

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[repeat CHORUS] Do do do do..... Put the pack Back on your back Jack and Elsie's Been a strutting around He bought her a wig And a purple gown Now she's the Best dressed miner in town That Lazy Elsie Molly [repeat CHORUS] Girl, put the pack Back on your back [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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