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# Debut Chart
9 Apr '64 Hot 100


Your baby doesn`t Love you anymore Golden days before they end Whisper secrets to the wind Your baby won`t be Near you anymore

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Tender nights before they fly Send falling stars That seem to cry Your baby doesn`t Want you anymore It`s over It breaks your heart in two To know she`s been untrue But, oh, what will you do When she says to you There`s someone new We`re through, we`re through It`s over, it`s over, it`s over All the rainbows in the sky Start to weep Then say goodbye You won`t be seeing Rainbows anymore Setting suns before they fall Echo to you, that`s all That`s all But you`ll see Lonely sunsets after all It`s over, it`s over It`s over, it`s over


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