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Lyrics by: Willie Nelson
# Debut Chart
13 Aug '64 Hot 100


Well, hello, there My, itís been a long Long time

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How am I doing? You really want to know? Oh, I guess Iím Doing fine Itís been so long now But it seems like It was only Yesterday Ainít it funny? Itís so funny how time Can slip right on away I want to ask you a question is it alright? Howís your new love? I wonder can you truthly say Heís doing fine You know I heard something the other day I heard you told him That you were going to love him Till the end of time Well, thatís the same thing That you told me It seems like Just the other day Ainít it funny Itís so funny how time Can just slip right on away I hate to leave you baby But Iíve gotta go now Oh, I guess Iíll see you Somewhere around But hereís one thing you just canít tell You donít know when, though You never can tell when Joe Hinton Will come back in town But hereís what I want you to do Oh, please remember What I told you That in time, in time Youíre gonna pay Ainít it funny Itís funny how timeÖ SlipsÖ AÖwayÖ


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