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Lyrics by: Charlie Foxx
# Debut Chart
98 Dec '63 Hot 100


Hi - diddle diddle Hi - diddle diddle Hi - diddle diddle Hi - I diddle diddle now Hi diddle diddle yes diddle diddle And the cow jumped over the moon Yes he did And me and my baby were on a hayride Yes we were He was little boy that is blue It happened one night And the stars were bright And I was lookin' good in my tight blue jeans, yeah I remember that night When I looked around for my baby and I Thought he had split the scene I started askin' around for my baby When I saw his red shirt from under the hay But by that time Somebody whisperin' in my ear That he was kissing ????? And I, I said to myself I can't stay but don't blow your cool 'Cause if you do You'll end up in a pool Yes you will But to my surprise I couldn't keep cool And I just cut back And threw my ????

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That's when I That's when I Kicked the hay up And he jumped up With the ??? all over his ???? Yes it was (( STOPPED TRANSCRIBING HERE :55 SECONDS MORE))


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