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Lyrics by: Marty Robbins
# Debut Chart
74 Nov '63 Hot 100
1 Nov '63 Country


I left you this morning, couldn`t take anymore You laughed and you dared me to walk out the door You said that I`d come back, you knew what I`d do And you know you were right, `cause I`m back here tonight Beggin to you

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I won`t disappoint you, I`m beggin to stay That`s what you wanted to hear anyway It must make you happy to make me so blue What a pitiful sight, I must be tonight Beggin to you You don`t want my lovin But you let me stay `round I guess just to walk on So you won`t touch the ground To you it don`t matter What you cause me to do As long as you keep me Beggin to you


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