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Lyrics by: Don Covay, Horace Ott
# Debut Chart
49 Nov '63 Hot 100
3 Nov '63 R&B


Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah You're a bad little girl, it's true But I'm not gonna walk out on you They say you're a good for nothing girl But I'll stand up and tell the world You're good for me

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Oh, yes, you are You're good for me Like the honey is good for the bee You're good for me You do two wrongs for every right You put salt in my coffee just for spite You're no good for yourself You're no good for nobody else But you're good for me You're good for me Sugar dumpling, can't you see You're good for me Let me tell you bout it Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I was down on my sickbed It was the end for me everyone said Doctor Jones did all he could Only your love did me some good You're good for me Oh, yes, you are You're good for me Like the sugar is good for the tea You're good for me That's all I'm living for Is you, darling (Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah)... You make ne wanna moan sometimes Let me tell you bout it, baby One more time...


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