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Lyrics by: Ray Stevens
# Debut Chart
59 Oct '63 Hot 100


Here he comes - There he go (Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Well Speed Ball, the wild motorcyclist, rode his motorcycle very fast With a twist of the wrist he`d give it the gas There wasn`t nothin` on the road he couldn`t pass

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He had a big black leather jacket With an eagle on the back & zippers up the sleeves And when he rode down the road His long black greasy duck tails just blowed in the breeze Every night he`d rev up his motor And drag down the main street of town He had plenty of nerve, he`d swerve on a curve He loved to run those pedestrians down (Aaaaaa!) {spoken} Look out here comes that happy fool on that Harley. Say how do you know he`s happy? Say by the bugs on his teeth. Watch out here he comes. (Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Well Speed had a girl name of Sugar Beet Sayin` my she was a lovely child When she`d sit back of Speed on the buddy seat You know it would drive old Speed Ball wild {spoken} And she`d say, `Come on baby, Say let`s get some kicks` `So let`s make it, So let`s take off, So let`s scratch man` `Say come on cool daddy, Let`s hear them tires screech on that concrete, Yeah Yeah Yeah` Oh when she talked that trash to ol` Speed like that, say it`d just tear him up and he`d just oh lose his mind And he`d say, `Hang on Baby` and he`d twist that handlebar (Brrrwow) Take off and burn that road for half a mile (Brrrrrrrrrrrrr) Well one night he was rollin` down the highway Sugar Beet was hangin` on ridin` double When he heard that police siren scream And he knew he was in for some trouble So he gave it the gas and watched the speedometer needle say a hundred and ten And then he looked back around and he smiled `cause he knew he`d done outrun the police again Well he thought he was the king of the highway And that`s when he ran out of luck, yeah Just for a thrill, he passed on a hill And blapt, right into a truck {spoken} Whoa it was terrible, when the police found them next mornin` they was both hangin` up in the trees That motocycle was tore all to pieces But you know Speed Ball & Sugar Beet They weren`t hurt much, No they wasn`t Say he just broke his arm in seven places And all it did to her was smear her lipstick... All over the highway. But you know it wasn`t serious And when they got out of the hospital They learned their lession And from now on they`re gonna play it safe They gonna take that Greyhound And leave the drivin` to that smiley cat on t.v. And everything is gonna be cool, Yeah Whoa, And that`s the story of Speed Ball The wild motorcyclist, don`t ride his motor no more No Speed Ball, the wild motorcyclist Done found a better way to go


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