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by Tammy Montgomery
Lyrics by: James Brown, Bobby Byrd
# Debut Chart
99 Aug '63 Hot 100


I cried, I cried my heart full of misery I cried, & now it's your turn to cry for me So many days gone by, so many days gone by But all, all, all I could do was cry

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[SKAT] You keep me, you keep me in pain But I promise you I'll never, I'll never love again I cried over you, I cried over you You know that I've always, I've always been true [SPOKEN] Now listen. Turn your record player down real low. So listen. You know that I, I'm only human So now, if you see him, I want you to tell him: Don't make me over, 'cause any day now You know that everybody, I said that everybody Everybody loves lovers [FADE]


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