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Lyrics by: Billy Davis
# Debut Chart
78 Aug '63 Hot 100


Woah yeah You know how much I love you So you keep me guessing You know I'm gonna wait So you keep me waiting

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One day I'll find a love that's true And I won't be thinking 'bout you Now tell me [CHORUS] (How) how would you like it (How how) would you like it How would you like a little pay back Ah-ha, of what you're dishing out [VERSE] You found out I would plead So you keep me pleading You found out I would cry So you keep me crying One day you'll be crying too And you can boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo Till your face turns blue Now tell me... [repeat CHORUS] When you don't give a sigh If your love do or die It's easy for you to make it But suppose the tables are turned on you Pause a minute - think a minute {Pause} Tell me, could you take it [repeat VERSE] Now tell me... [repeat CHORUS] (How would you like it) How? (How how how) How? I wouldn't like it No you wouldn't like it I wouldn't like it How would you like it? Whoa, if I'm gonna put you down, yeah I gotta pay you back [FADE]


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