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Lyrics by: Wilson Pickett
# Debut Chart
49 Jul '63 Hot 100


(Doo-doo-doo`s by backup singers)

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It`s too late (too late, too late) Said it`s too late, yes it is (too late) My love is gone away to stay (too late) Don`t you know it`s too late now Listen, children, I wanna tell you this It`s too late to cry (too late to cry) It`s too late to cry now (too late to cry) My love is gone away, yes she has (too late) Wo wo (too late) she has (too late) (spoken): I just guess that you`re wonderin` why I always sing a sad song But you see, I had a woman who was very good to me & I can remember the times she used to sit down & tell me these words: Said, `Pickett, I want you to know I love you from the bottom of my heart & whatever you need, I don`t want you to go to your mother, your father, your sister or your brother I`ll be a leadin` pull when you`re fallin` down When all your money`s gone, I want you to know you can count on me` But I didn`t appreciate that woman then You know what? I had to run & chase after every little girl around town So finally one day I got home & I found my little girl gone & people, you know it hurt me so bad (ha ha) I had to hang my little head & cry Then I began to read the letter she left for me layin` there; it read like this, children It`s too late, she`s gone, oh (she`s gone) `It`s too late I`m gone away` (she`s gone) Ah yeah (too late) don`t you know it, children (too late) Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Say it one more time (too late) listen (too late) I wanna hear you understand what I`m talkin` about (too late) ...& fade


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