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Lyrics by: Ray Stevens
# Debut Chart
81 Mar '63 Hot 100


Look-a there. There he goes. Ha..there goes the funny man. The life of the party That's me. And they'd never guess That I had a care. They'd be amazed to see me Cry yi yi yi yi When the party's through. Cry over you. Talk loud, funny man. In the crowd, funny man. You're in rare form today. Leave em' laughing As you walk away, yay yay. But they wouldn't laugh If they only knew That I'll go home, alone And cry yi yi yi yi Cry the whole night through. Cry over you.

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Who's to know that this clever clown Is really the fool of the town? Yes who's to know the girl I loved Laughed and she turned me down? Tell a joke, funny man Be gay, funny man. Don't give yourself away, funny man. Pretend you didn't love her anyway. Act as though nothin's wrong When you smile, then go on home. And cry yi yi yi yi Cry the whole night through. Cause there's nothin' you can do.


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