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# Debut Chart
33 Oct '63 Hot 100


Baby, baby you're no good. Never treat me like a lover should. And I know in the end You're gonna leave me, my friend. But I go onnnnn, oh, when you kiss me. And I go onnnnn when you hug me. You're gonna break my heart, I know And if I played it smart I'd go. But I'm so wiiiild, wild about you baby.

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Baby, baby every day I take my mind up and away. But I find love is blind, One kiss and I change my mind. Yes, I go wiiiild, when you kiss me. And I go wiiiild, oh, when you hug me. Because I love you so, I try But if you ever go I'd die. But I'm so wiiiiild, wild about you baby Yay, yay, yay Oh, I'm oh, you drive me crazy Can't think of anything, I'm a wiiiild,.


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