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Lyrics by: Rolf Harris
# Debut Chart
3 Jun '63 Hot 100


SPOKEN: There's an old Australian stockman lying, dying. He gets himself up Onto one elbow and he turns to his mates, who are all gathered around and he says: Watch me wallabies feed, mate Watch me wallabies feed, They're a dangerous breed, mate So watch me wallabies feed Altogether now! [CHORUS] Tie me kangaroo down, sport Tie me kangaroo down Tie me kangaroo down, sport Tie me kangaroo down

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Keep me cockatoo cool, Curl, Keep me cockatoo cool Ah, don't go aping the fool, Curl Just keep me cockatoo cool Altogether now! And take me koala back, Jack Take me koala back He lives somewhere out on the track, Mac So take me koala back Altogether now! Let me abos go loose, Lew Let me abos go loose They're of no further use, Lew So let me abos go loose Altogether now! And mind me platypus duck, Bill Mind me platypus duck Ah, don't let I'm go running amok, Bill Just mind me platypus duck Altogether now! Play your didgeridoo, Blue Play your didgeridoo Ah, like, keep playin' 'til I shoot thru, Blue Play your didgeridoo Altogether now! Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred Tan me hide when I'm dead So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde And that's it hangin' on the she'd! Altogether now!


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