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88 Nov '06 Hot 100
39 Nov '06 Country
16 Jan '07 Adult Contemp


Well I can stand beside Ideals I think are right And I can stand beside The idea to stand and fight And I do believe There's a dream for everyone This is our country

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There's room enough here For science to live And there's room enough here For religion to forgive And try to understand All the people of this land This is our country From the east coast To the west coast Down the Dixie Highway Back home This is our country That poverty could be Just another ugly thing And bigotry would be Seen only as obscene And the ones that run this land Help the poor and common man This is our country The dream is still alive Some day it will come true And this country it belongs To folks like me and you So let the voice of freedom Sing out through this land This is our country


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