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# Debut Chart
63 Oct '62 Hot 100
23 Oct '62 R&B


Sit down awhile My mother said one day And this is what she had to say What are you gonna do, child With those tears in your eyes (Run) no use trying to tell yourself (Hide) that you don't love the girl Take it for what it's worth (You can't hide) Go to the end of the Earth (You can't hide) You can run, run, run but Oh, you can't hide from love What are you gonna say, child When your heartaches won't go (Run) you can't tell love to go (Hide) and come back another day Try to leave it behind (You can't hide) Well, she's still on your mind (You can't hide) Run, run, run but you Can't hide from love Love is too wide You can't get around it It's too high You can't get over it Oh, no, you can't get over it

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So what are you Gonna do now, child You still love her so (Run) what were you Thinking of, little boy (hide) When you let the little girl go You're gonna find out one day (You can't hide) There is no hiding place (You can't hide) Run, run, run but you Can't hide from love Oh, run (run, run, run) But you can't hide (Run, run, run) Love will be by your side (Run, run, run) Cause wherever you go (Run, run, run) She will be there I know


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