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Lyrics by: Harry Akst, Benny Davis
# Debut Chart
42 Sep '62 Hot 100


Baby face You've got the cutest Little baby face There ain't nobody can Ever take your place Oh, you baby face

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My poor heart's jumping You started something Baby face Well, I'm in heaven when I'm In your, your fond embrace Yeah, I didn't need no shove Cause I just fell. I fell in love With your pretty, pretty baby face Aw, let's twist awhile Ah, baby face You know you got The cutest baby face They'll never be nobody To take your place You baby face You got my two knees knocking You ain't the girl with A hole in your stocking But you're a baby face I'm in heaven when I'm In your fond embrace, yeah I never needed no shove Cause I just fell in love with Your pretty, pretty, pretty Baby face


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