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Lyrics by: Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
# Debut Chart
81 Mar '62 Hot 100


A girl has to know That she's wanted And you're always glad That she's there Show her you love her And you're thinking of her Let her know you care Make her know that you care

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A girl has to know That she's needed That you turn to her When you're blue If you should stumble And your dreams should crumble Let her comfort you That's what she'll want to do [SPOKEN] You know There are so many little things That a girl has to know Do you always tell your girl That she looks pretty Do you show her you're proud When she's with you And do you always make her feel That she's the most important person In the whole world Well, if you do all these things You'll keep her, I know Because I didn't do that And I lost my girl A girl has to know That you love her That you won't lead Her heart astray Don't keep her guessing Just learn from my lesson Or you'll find some day That she slipped away


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