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1962 - Pop
Lyrics by: Robert MacGimsey
# Debut Chart
19 Jan '62 Hot 100


(Shadrack meshack abednigo) (Shadrack meshack abednigo)

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Now there were three children From the land of Israel (Shadrack meshack abednigo) Aww, they took a little trip To the land of Babylon (Shadrack meshack abednigo) And old Nebukadnezar Was the king of Babylon (Shadrack meshack abednigo) So they took a lot of gold And made them an idol (Shadrack meshack abednigo) And they told everybody when You hear the music of the clarinet They told everybody when you Hear the music of the flute Now listen, children, when You hear the music of the horn Aww, you gotta bow down And worship the idol (Shadrack meshack abednigo) But the children of Israel Would not bow down We ain't gone bow To no golden idol (Shadrack meshack abednigo) no You couldn't fool the children With the golden idol (Shadrack meshack abednigo) So the king cast the children In the fiery furnace (Shadrack meshack abednigo) They heaped on coal And red hot brimstone The Good Book says (Shadrack meshack abednigo) Even made it seven times hotter Than it oughta be (Shadrack meshack abednigo) Now they burned up the soldiers That the king had put there (Shadrack meshack abednigo) Oh, shadrack meshack abednigo Then the Good Lord called an angel Gave him a couple of wings He said, go down there through The middle of the furnace and Begin to cooling the flames And those children got so happy They went strutting Tight through the fire Just laughing and talkin bout The power of the Gospel (Shadrack meshack abednigo) Oh, shadrack meshack abednigo


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