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Lyrics by: Morris Bailey, Jr.
# Debut Chart
38 Feb '62 Hot 100


Cry, baby, cry Baby, cry Cry, baby, cry And you'll feel better Your tears outside (Your tears outside) Are so much wetter

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It's wrong to hide Teardrops inside When you're blue (so blue) Oh, when you're in love (You're in love) The tears from your eyes Are nothing but water So, go on and cry (Go on and cry) Just cause you oughta Cry when you feel The feeling is real So cry, baby, cry Baby, cry Crying defines your emotions It's when you cry, you feel Something for love and devotion Something so warm and so real Oh, weep, sweetie, weep You're only robbing Yourself of sleep (Yourself of sleep) No harm in sobbing Don't try to hold Release your soul And cry, baby, cry Baby, cry Come on and cry Oh, cry (cry) cry (cry)....


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