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# Debut Chart
24 Mar '06 R&B
59 Jun '06 Hot 100


[Cool & Dre] This is... This is This is... AND HE GOES BY THE NAME OF [Lil Wayne] Yeah you got the right one, It's Weezy fucking baby And if your woman looking, I'll let the woman taste me Okay now I'm with Khaled, we whylin' in Miami We got a bunch of bitches, we pile 'em in the phantom They follow us to Mansion but I don't mean the club I'm talking 'bout my crib, mama I'm trying to fuck It's Cash Money Baby, It's Young Money Biatch Now you can swallow that or you can suck a dick Okay, tell me shit, Lil Wayne fuck a bitch Lil' nigga, big money, big gun full of that shit Nigga I ain't Will Smith, nah, I ain't a Fresh Prince Nigga I'm a young king, nigga I'm a Bun B Yup, I go hard, ask my broad Miss Stevie Wonder, she ain't looking at y'all (She can't see) The rest goes without me having to say I say, go, go, go, go (DJ) [CHORUS paul wall] Holla at me, what it do, what it is You ain't never seen a player like this (Holla at me baby) I'm a pimp, I'll show her how I live Take her back then I put it in her wrist (Holla at me baby) I'm a monster, I do it real big You ain't never seen rocks like this (Holla at me baby) You can see me from a far I'm the shit Scream at me what it do, what it is (What It Do) [Paul Wall] It's Paul Wall baby, Swishahouse club rocker Chunk a deuce, sip a deuce, pouring up big goose vodka Lone star beast straight up out the H Sure stopping all the hate, sipping on the ski taste I got the I-N-S on my tail, immigration still harass 'Cause they see me in a foreign riding on a pointed glass Getting cash is my number one task Until I'm under the grass, that's why I'm top of the class I'm a grit boy looking for an ass like Ketoya Leave a bitch back all nutty like Almond Joy My boy Toy I E got to sleep And we got to see and who got the freaks? Beat it up like an ass whipping The album dropped and there's been a lot of ass kissing But I ain't tripping, I'm trill That's why I'm posted with Khaled 'cause he real one A hundred baby like a bill, Holla at me baby

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[repeat CHORUS] [Fat Joe] Nah homie, you done got it fucked up You ain't got as much money as us (Nope) We sent Campbell in 'cause he got goggles on And he's pushing something far and it's fucked Now all I gotta do is push a little button quick fast And the chopper come out of the stash Yeah money ain't jewels motherfucker you lose I'll make you do the Fuck Sean Comb dance (Follow me now) Who wanna come test the kid Have your baby mama bless the team Shit, I ain't even know she could twerk it like that She a motherfucking sex machine, Holla at me baby [repeat CHORUS] [Rick Ross] Stunting in a magnum riding with my hat low Forty-five magnum, barrel full of air holes Dade County, represent, Dopeboy ever since Know that I'ma veteran, Million dollar president Rick Ross, big chips, AK's, flip clips Off set rims on a rear six inch lips Started on the benches, rose through the trenches Now I'm the shit bitch, go and check your senses Known for the benz's, Chrome on the Bentleys Smoking on the mentleys, Dade county, big cheese Flip soft, whip that, Rick Ross rip that Khaled go hard dawg, talk to 'em Paul Wall [repeat CHORUS] [Pitbull] Aiyyo It's Mr. 3-0-5 A.K.A. Mr. Snort yay, spit rocks, made in Dade I owe my future to Last name Campbell, first name Luther The gun shine stayed, well that suit ya Bought him the crib, what it do, what it is Bust a clip, flip a brick, hey buddy where's the lick? That's all we talk about, well welcome to the south We in, get our bread then we out, no doubt Palas and Caprices These boys dirty, they'll fuck your mother, sister, daughter and nieces Ahora loca mueva la cadera, abre la boca aye viene la madera [repeat CHORUS]


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