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1961 - R&B
Lyrics by: Kal Mann
# Debut Chart
68 Dec '61 Hot 100


Everybody, Twist They're twisting in Cleveland In Kansas City too They're wailing in Warwood In Pittsburgh and St. Lou

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So, baby, get ready I'm gonna twist with you [CHORUS] Round and around and Up and down we go (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Making with the Shaking to and fro (Yeah, whoo) From Boston to L.A. Don't you know they're Twisting U.S.A. Yeah, yeah They're twisting in New York In old Chicago town In Hartford and Frisco They all go round and round They're twisting on Bandstand So, baby, don't you put me down [repeat CHORUS] Yeah, yeah Yeah, they shimmy in Charlotte They shake in Baltimore In Detroit and Dallas And down Miami shore So, baby, oh, babe Oh, what are we waiting for [repeat CHORUS] One more Twist [repeat CHORUS] They're twisting in Washington Cincinnatti, England, Europe They're twisting in Asia...


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