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# Debut Chart
93 Dec '61 Hot 100


She really loves you and how could you know How she has waited for you to show Her how much you love her and what you would do If she was your girl.

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Now, she really loves you, don't make her wait. Pick up the phone right now before it's too late, And tell her you need her, oh, tell her you care, And she'll be your girl. You'll never know the tears she would cry If you would tell her, tell her a lie. Be sure you mean, mean all that you say, I know her heart...her heart can't be led astray. She really loves you, what else, what else can I say. You've heard my story, now you don't, you don't walk away. Oh, there's just one more thing before you go, I'm the girl who really loves you so. I love you! I love you! I love you!


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