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# Debut Chart
79 Oct '61 Hot 100


You don't know what it means, yeah, To lose the one you love. You don't know how I pray, yeah, yeah, To the one up above.

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Whoa-oh, I went to my doctor, I tried everything he had. He said, I can't help you, son, Cause what you've got, you know you've got it bad. You don't know baby but I'm in love with you. Well, I lay inside at night with tears streaming down, And on my face there's a frown. Won't somebody help me win this wicked race So I can see my baby face to face. You don't know what it means, no, no, To be a little lonely. You don't know what I mean, baby, When I say I've been blue. Whoa-oh, have you had the blues so bad Till it hurts your feet to walk? And now that it's time for your hurt, baby, And now it hurts your tongue to talk. Ha! You don't know, baby, But I'm in love with you. Well, if you know what I mean, Baby, if you know the pain You would stop my tears from falling, Falling down like rain. Ha! You don't know baby, but I'm in love with you. Hey, I'm in love, I'm in love, baby. I'm in love, I need you so bad. Baby won't you come on, come on, come on, Come on...


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