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by The Preludes Five
Lyrics by: Leroy Bates
# Debut Chart
80 Aug '61 Hot 100


Starlight (starlight) Won't you please make her mine Starlight (starlight) I need her 'till the end of time, end of time The end of time, the end of time

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Starlight (starlight) Please give me one more chance Starlight (starlight) I really need her romance, her romance Need her romance, her romance Starlight Now is the time To give your love to me Don't think about tomorrow 'Cause who knows where we may be 'Cause I need you now, I need you now Oh, can't you see Starlight (starlight) Please tell her ???? ???? Starlight (starlight) I really need her right here, right here Right here, right here Starlight


obg80: missing a word or two


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