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# Debut Chart
1 Apr '06 Country
34 Jun '06 Hot 100


You're not sure that you love me But you're not sure enough to let me go Baby it ain't fair You kno you just keep me hanging round You say you don't wanna hurt me Don't wanna see my tears So why are yous till standing here Just watching me drown (Chorus:) And it's alright Yeah, I'll be fine Don't worry about this heart of mine Just, take your love and hit the road Cause nothing you can do or say You're gonna break my heart anyway So just leave the pieces when you go

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Now you can drag out the heartache Baby you can make it quick You can get it over with and let me move on Don't concern yourself with this mess you left for me I can clean it up you see Just as long as your gone (Chorus) You're not making up your mind It's killin' me You're wasting time I need so much more then that (Chorus) Leave the pieces when you go Leave the pieces when you go Yeah Yeah Yeah Leave the pieces when you go


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