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97 Jul '61 Hot 100


Broken hearted since we parted I don't go nowhere, but what do I care I'm just broken hearted since we parted I'm so blue, baby, without you Yes, I don't have no one, ain't been havin no fun Since you been gone, I can't go on I keep on cryin', my hope keeps dyin' Oh, I'm broken hearted, baby since we parted Maybe you don't know it, girl So let me just remind you That I still love you, girl And I'm gonna find you But until, I hope that you Will leave the past behind you And come on and let me know That you've been so

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Broken hearted, ooh since we parted Just say you will give me a thrill Come on, come on home Nevermore to roam I'm so broken hearted, baby, since we parted I don't have no one I ain't havin' no fun 'Cause I need you You bet your life You bet your life I do So come on, come on, come on


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