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1961 - Pop
# Debut Chart
74 May '61 Hot 100


Come on, get wise, Milord Her lips tell lies, Milord The girl that you adore Has found some other guy She just got bored, Milord Now you're ignored, Milord Deep down inside, your pride Won't let you say goodbye

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That Southern belle, Milord Has got a heart of ice Love can be done, Milord As well as paradise Don't count the past, Milord Let her get lost, Milord Her memory can be A lifetime of regrets So, let her go, Milord Come on, relax, be smart Cause if you don't, you know She'll only break your heart Come on, get hip, Milord And let life rip, Milord Be sure there's plenty more Of loving to be done There's chicks to meet, Milord With lips as sweet, Milord And hearts to make or break Before the race is run So hit the town, Milord Come on and be my guest We'll turn it upside down And devil takes the rest Come on, get glad, Milord Life's not so bad, Milord Some kinds of other arms Can make your heart forget Milord, Milord


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