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Lyrics by: Ed Davis, Robert Head
# Debut Chart
91 Apr '61 Hot 100


If I were to ask you To come by my side Even though I have often lied Would you try to comfort And ease my pain Would you pour your thoughts Upon me like rain Knowing I feel a deep sense of shame Would it be wrong to ask you once again To love me (love you) Want me (want you) Don't try to decide now Just push mister pride aside Whoa, oh, oh I'll not say you won't shed any tears For I know it's too hard To shake off your fears

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Darling, I promise this I'll be true now It's the very thing I want to do, so Let's try again Forget what has passed This time we're gonna win We're gonna make our love last 'Cause we still need each other And all we've debied So let's push mister pride aside Push, baby, baby, baby Mister pride aside


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