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# Debut Chart
5 Feb '61 R&B
36 Feb '61 Hot 100


I still love you Like I did before But before you smile And walk through the door, darling [CHORUS] I don't wanna cry I don't wanna cry No more, no, darling, no more

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You come and go Like the morning sun I was so serious But you were having fun Now, baby, now [repeat CHORUS] Welcome to my lips Welcome to my arms Oh, welcome to my My little heart Girl, you are welcome To everything I have to offer you So come on and now, take it Take any part, yeah, yeah, yeah Mama, I know I've been wrong I need you, come on home But before you get here [repeat CHORUS] Come on, walk on in Walk on in You can come on in Baby, baby, baby, baby Walk on in Baby, walk on in


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