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1961 - R&B
Lyrics by: Traditional
# Debut Chart
6 Aug '61 Adult Contemp
20 Aug '61 Hot 100
14 Sep '61 R&B


Little Frankie Went down to the barroom She asked for a glass of beer She said, hey, bartender Has my Johnny been here He's my man but he's Done me wrong The bartender said, Frankie You know I won't tell you no lie He left here about a minute ago With a gal named Alice Fry He's your man but he's Doing you wrong Frankie was a good little woman Surely everybody knows She paid one hundred dollars for Johnny's new suit of clothes She loved her man but He done her wrong

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Then Frankie went down Broadway With a razor in her hand She said, stand back All you women I'm looking for my cheating man Yes, he's my man but He's done me wrong It was on a Friday morning About a half past nine o'clock Frankie pulled her .44 And fired three fatal shots She shot her man cause He done her wrong Why don't you run, Frankie They said, Frankie Why don't you run Cause here comes The Chief Of Police With the .44 smokeless gun You killed your man We know he done you wrong Yeah, he done you wrong, Frankie You should've shot him forty times I'm a witness, Frankie.....


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