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# Debut Chart
77 Jan '61 Hot 100


(Hut, two, three, four) (Hut, two, three, four) Their heads are up The chests are out Their arms are swinging ????? ???? ????

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[CHORUS] Now sound off! (One two) Sound off! (Three four) Fellas now (One two three four) (One two - three four!) Innie-minnie miney-mo Let's go work and ???? ???? [repeat CHORUS] You had a good home but ya left And you wanna go home but you can't You think the girl that you left Is she waitin' for you but she ain't [repeat CHORUS] Ain't no use in goin' home Alan's got your girl alone Ain't no use in feelin' blue Alan's got your sister too [repeat CHORUS]


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