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Lyrics by: Chuck Berry
# Debut Chart
42 Feb '60 Hot 100
18 Apr '60 R&B


Casey is an old man Who wants to be a teen He goes to all the dances And they call him cha-cha king He cha-cha's when the band Is playing rock and roll He tries to keep in time but The beat leaves him cold

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[CHORUS] Because he's too pooped to pop He's too old to stroll Hips getting weaker when He tries to do the stroll And every time his feet Gets to going one way Here comes a new dance and He's gone astray Chick told Casey You better move, man, This is only a One night stand Casey wasn't in time But he was dancing awhile Till a cramp caught his leg And he had to change his style [repeat CHORUS 2x] Casey finally learned to Do the hoochie koo This might have been Fine back in '22 Now, I'm gonna give you fellows Just a little tip If you wanna keep your girl You better get hip or You'll be too pooped to pop Too old to stroll You hips are getting weaker When you try to do the stroll And every time your feet Get to going one way Here come a new dance and You'll be left astray


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