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Lyrics by: Madeline Burroughs
# Debut Chart
9 Oct '59 Country


[CHORUS] It's a woman's intuition that arouses her suspicion And you never know what goes on in her mind It's a woman's Intuition that tells her somethin's missin' You can bet that she'll be right most every time A song was written long ago about a girl named Frankie It seems she thought her Johnny was a cheat And so she set a little trap, caught Daisy on Johnny's lap Now daisy's grow around his careless feet

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[repeat CHORUS] My friend came home last night to find, thinkin' everything was fine Told his wife that he'd been working hard Somehow he got the double cross 'cause she had touch of his boss Now he's got to go to sleep out in the yard [repeat CHORUS] There was a boy named Billy Joe, his mother begged him not to go And now he's sittin' six feet underground She tried to warn him sweet and nice but he would not take her advice 'Cause he just had to take his guns to town [repeat CHORUS]


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