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9 Jul '60 Country


Way down in the state of Georgia Amongst the swamps and everglades There's a hole in Tiger Mountain God help the man who gets Lost in Miller's Cave I had me a girl (had a girl) In Waycross, Georgia (Waycross, Georgia) But she had unfaithful ways Made me feel (make me feel) I was unwanted (so unwanted) Like the bats and the Bears in Miller's Cave

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I caught her out (caught her out) Sunday morning (Sunday morning) With a man they called Big Dave Meanest man (Meanest Man) in Waycross, Georgia (Waycross, Georgia) I'd rather fight a mountain lion In Miller's Cave I said you'll pay Both you and David cause I must see you in your grave They laughed at me And then I shot em I took their Cheating, scheming bones To Miller's Cave That woman made (woman made) me feel unwanted (so unwanted) But I showed 'em I was brave Most wanted man in the state of Georgia But they'll never find me 'cause I'm lost in Miller's Cave. Dark cold cave, Miller's cave


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