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Lyrics by: Jim Howell
# Debut Chart
10 Dec '59 Country


Now Timbrook was a shabby colt who knew no mom or dad As he lay in the grass of Kentucky hills, he looked like he was dead His mother was killed by lightning, when Timbrook was one day old So he had no one to own him as he lay there in the cold As he lay there in the cold

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Timbrook, Timbrook, a mighty horse was he An orphan of Kentucky where no one knew his breed Where no one knew his breed [Interlude] A man came along and found him and he gave him food and care Timbrook grew into a horse, he entered him in the fair Timbrook was an ugly horse the people laughed and said He can't run, that ugly horse, but Timbrook came ahead Timbrook came ahead Timbrook was the runningest horse Kentucky ever knew He beat the champs from England and all the others too Little Molly from England was the fastest horse they said But when the race was over, Timbrook came ahead Old Timbrook came ahead


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