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Lyrics by: Redd Evans, Dave Mann
# Debut Chart
81 Nov '59 Hot 100
25 Nov '59 R&B


(Love you, love you, ooh) I love you, there's nothing to hide It's better than burning inside I love you, no use to pretend There, I've said it again

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I've said it, what more can I say Believe me, there's no other way I love you, I will to the end There, I've said it again I've tried to drum up A phrase that would sum up All that I feel That I feel for you But what good are phrases The thought that amazes Is you love me and It's so heavenly Forgive me for wanting you so There's one thing I want you to know And that's I've loved you Since, oh, heaven knows when There, I've said it again, oh There, there, I've said it again (Love you, love you)


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