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Lyrics by: Jimmy Driftwood
# Debut Chart
87 Aug '59 Hot 100
15 Aug '59 Country


Some continental soldiers on a bivouac Were playing stud poker in a mountain shack But every vigilante threw down his hands When the Captain and the guard gave the sharp command

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[CHORUS] Oh Jimmy get your fiddle out, rosin up your bow Johnny tune your banjo up, we're gonna have a show Billy pass the jug around to Corporal McCoy We're gonna have a tune called Soldier's Joy The girls in Boston are dancing tonight The goldarn redcoats are holding 'em tight When we get there, we'll show 'em how But that ain't a-doing us no good now [repeat CHORUS] There goes General Washington He's got his horse in sweeping run The barefoot boys are begging to fight We're gonna cross the Delaware River tonight [repeat CHORUS] Old Burgoyne in the wilderness Got his army in an awful mess Farmers got mad at the British and the Huns And captured ten thousand of the Son-of-a-guns [repeat CHORUS] John Paul Jones in an old tin can Scoured the ocean like a fighting man The British said "Paul, are you ready to strike?" And Paul said "I'm just beginning to fight" [repeat CHORUS]


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