Music Service


by Annette
# Debut Chart
73 Apr '59 Hot 100


Saturday night at The high school dance A fella comes in Wearing baggy pants He starts to sing Like a wounded hound And the gals all screamed And gathered round [CHORUS] Bow wow, bow wow Jo-Jo, the dog-faced boy Bow wow, bow wow Jo-Jo, the dog-faced boy Eyes bugged out Through a patch of wool His face hung down Like a Boston bull The gals all clapped Till their hands were red The dog-faced boy was Knocking 'em dead [repeat CHORUS] Played the guitar and Then hummed two C's Then he rolled on the floor Like a Pekinese He almost shook Himself in half And the gals lined up For his autograph [repeat CHORUS] I wish I had What Jo-Jo had Drove the crowd Stark raving mad They ripped the clothes Right off his back When he roared away In his Cadillac

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Where in the world was The little Nash Rambler [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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